“With a rich history spanning over 500 years, the Beaufort area has no shortage of outstanding landmarks to visit and fascinate your inner, adventurous child. The conglomeration of Spanish, English, French and Native American people – all battling over this prime spot of American soil – has spawned endless, wild stories of victory, defeat, romance, fortune, perseverance, disappointment and triumph. For those visitors who have a passion for history or locals who want to play tourist in their own town for a weekend, get out and see the sites! Walking, buggy or bus tours are all available. Pick up your maps and learn pertinent information at the Visitors Center. Centrally located downtown at the historic armory built in 1798, the visitor’s center is a great place to kick start your blast into the past!”



Beaufort’s charming Historic District is listed on the national register of historic places and is known for its impressive antebellum architecture and representative of the Greek revival period. The historic district of Beaufort boasts five neighborhoods, each with its own unique personality.  The downtown area overlooks beautiful Beaufort River and hosts many glorious festivals and events. Interspersed with historical residences and churches lie charming boutiques and antique shops. The Point neighborhood contains Beaufort’s oldest, most elaborate and impressive homes. The Bluff neighborhood, west of downtown, is proud of its scenic overlook of the Beaufort River and features some of the most historic homes as well as the former U.S. District Courthouse, which is now a museum for the historic Santa Elena Settlement. The Old Commons is home to classic, southern style houses, maintaining its southern charm. The Northwest Quadrant has a diverse makeup of both 19th century and 20th-century houses.